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Mi 2

Mechanical Time Switch Fabrication for Industrial & Commercial Use

Since 1971, IFG Instruments, Inc. has been an import distributor mechanical and electromechanical time switch products including timers, gears, hairsprings, pinions and gears, and precision screws. We also specialize in stampings with the capacity for deep drawn parts and Bourdon tubes. Many of our suppliers are ISO 9000 certified.

We offer several different configurations of time switches, including the Mi2 and Mi7, that are panel mounted, plug-in time switches rated up to 250V and the Mi14, an electrically wired, permanent in-wall time switch. Depending on the model, these time switches can time up to 14 hours, and are available with either one to two or one to four poles. Special spindle sizes and wind up angles are ...
Pinions For Instrument Applications

High Precision Swiss Screw Machining/CNC Machining & Grinding Services

For specialized, high precision parts where tight tolerances are important, IFG Instruments provides CNC Swiss screw machining services as well as standard CNC machining and grinding. Swiss screw machining is ideal for smaller scale parts where several machining operations may be required, and we are equipped to work with parts with diameters from 0.20 mm to 16 mm (0.008” to 0.640”), up to 180 mm (7.0”) long. For our standard (non-Swiss) CNC grinding and machining operations, we can handle parts from 0.20 mm to 30mm (0.008” to 1.20”) in diameter and a 180 mm (7.0”) length.

Our Swiss screw machines feature a collet and guide bushing system that keeps parts vibration-free as they are being worked, allowing us to achieve a fine ...

Hairspring Fabrication

At IFG Instruments, we use our precision rolling and spring coiling capacities for hair spring fabrication services. Hair springs, flat, coiled wire springs, are used for every analog application: automotive speedometers and tachometers, aircraft speed and altitude indicators, and pressure and temperature gauges. We are able to work with several different metals to suit the electrically-conductive requirement of hair springs: phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel, and NiSpan C. We can also produce bimetal coils, made of two different materials welded together, with different expansion rates to indicate temperature or humidity.

Hair springs from IFG Instruments are available in various sizes, wire diameters and ...

Bourdon Tubes, Pressure Gauges (Diaphrams, Bellows) Fabrication

IFG Instruments manufactures Bourdon tubes, devices used for measuring pressure in non-liquids such as air and gases. They are ideal for applications that require an inexpensive way to take static pressure measurements. We also have capabilities to produce similar products like diaphragms and bellows, which involve a similar mechanical process to detect and display pressure. Bourdon tubes, diaphragms, and bellows operate when the expansion of a flexible, thin walled and flattened tube or chamber is expanded by the introduction of pressure.

In addition to Bourdon tubes, we also produce full Bourdon pressure gauges which involve a tube as well as a small pinion gear that drives the reading display. All components of these ...
Deep Drawn Parts

Deep Drawn Part Fabrication

Here at IFG Instruments, Inc., we represent manufacturers that maintain precision progressive dies used in deep drawn part fabrication. Our engineers and representatives work closely with their in-plant counterparts to assist with efficient, quality part development. We offer a wide range of production capabilities.

We have punch press capacity to 100 tons, with speeds up to 400 strokes per minute. We effectively handle materials ranging from the commonplace to the rare. Some examples include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, electro tinned stainless, and beryllium copper.

We also offer coil to coil production capabilities for jobs that require it. Many of our parts are vapor degreased in-house to meet exacting ...
Power Up Lubricants and Oil Additives

Power Up Lubricants and Oil Additives

IFG Instruments, Inc. is a full-service distributor of the Power Up lineup of lubricants and oil additives. Power Up products have been engineered to reduce energy consumption and provide uninterrupted equipment operation through better lubrication. We work with our customers in the automotive industry to provide higher efficiency and better performance through the use of our products.

The Power Up product line consists of: NNL-690, which is a boundary lubricant for engines, NNL-690G, a boundary lubricant for gear oil, Hydra Maxx, a hydraulic system treatment, Gen 49D, a diesel fuel top end lubricant that is also a combustion enhancer and injector cleaner that increases mileage efficiency, LHP-454, an unleaded fuel additive ...
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