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Bourdon Tubes, Pressure Gauges (Diaphrams, Bellows) Fabrication

IFG Instruments is a distributor of Bourdon tubes, devices used for measuring pressure in non-liquids such as air and gases. They are ideal for applications that require an inexpensive way to take static pressure measurements. We also have capabilities to produce similar products like diaphragms and bellows, which involve a similar mechanical process to detect and display pressure. Bourdon tubes, diaphragms, and bellows operate when the expansion of a flexible, thin walled and flattened tube or chamber is expanded by the introduction of pressure.

In addition to Bourdon tubes, we also produce full Bourdon pressure gauges which involve a tube as well as a small pinion gear that drives the reading display. All components of these devices are produced by our-house equipment like CNC Swiss grinders and deep draw stamping machines. A typical material for Bourdon tubes is beryllium copper, and we have other materials available as well. We are ISO 9001 certified.



Static Pressure Measurments


Beryllium Copper, etc...

Quality Certifications

ISO 9001

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